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"These seeds are not just gifts in time of need but investments in our humanity".

Community Charity Competition--Join Today !

Help us reach our 2022 goal of $12,500 to keep area families stable in their homes.  Education and services, community connections, case management, and financial support are all part of of the puzzle.  Will you fill in the missing pieces? 

As we get closer to our goal, the pieces of the house will start to come together.  Check back to see how our community is doing.

You want to contribute to your community, but you don’t know how.  You’re concerned about families who are struggling, but you don’t have a lot of time to volunteer.  You want to support our mission of addressing homelessness, but you’re busy and tired and have limited funds, and before you know it, your best intentions of making a difference in the lives of your neighbors have slipped away.  At Uniquely Yours Stability Support, we hear this all the time.  We are constantly be asked what our community can do to show their support for our mission.  To help you help us set families on the road to permanent stability and independence we are introducing an exciting new concept: 

Uniquely Yours Stability Support's Third Annual Community Charity Competition. 


1) Entertainment

2) Media

3) Clubs/Organizations

4) Religious Community

5) Small Businesses

6) Large Businesses

7) Independent/Individual

8) Restaurants/Food Industry

11) Schools

10) Health Providers

11) Sports

12) Lemonade Stand

This competition allows people and organizations in each category to raise money in whatever way works best for you.  Then, you simply donate the funds raised to Uniquely Yours Stability Support.  OUR GOAL = $12,500

Possible fundraising ideas include:

*Donating a percentage of the sale of certain products or services

*Holding a car wash, bake sale, or other event

*Soliciting donations from employees

*Conducting raffles or auctions for products or services

*Placing a "Donation Jar" at your place of business

*A "pay to wear jeans day" at work or school

*Operating a Lemonade Stand

*And many, many more.  The possibilities are endless.

UYSS staff will provide support and promotion for any organization upon request.  Email or call to register today! 402-727-UYSS(8977)

The Community Charity Competition takes place all year, from January to December 31, 2022, excluding the months of September and October.  Fundraisers can take place at any time during the year, or all year long. 

Participants will be honored at an acknowledgement event in January 2023.


1) Most $ Raised per Category

2) Most $ Raised Overall--Traveling Trophy

3) Bergh Benevolence Award--Goes to individuals whose generosity is so magnanimous it reduces their personal supply of dark chocolate.  In other words, give until it hurts (a little).